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Fastening Systems for Construction Industries

Construction industry

​​​​​​​When people think of the construction industry, they think about massive structures and big machines. What people usually forget is the crucial role played by fasteners in keeping the structure intact. Whether it be a multi-storeyed building, a bridge or even a roof, the efficiency of the design rests on the nuts and bolts. The absence of high-quality fasteners can impact the efficiency of the building, incurring high costs for those involved in its establishment while leading to a massive loss of lives as well. With over three decades of experience, EJOT has been producing fastening systems that provide the best engineering solutions to customers. With EJOT, you get the right advice that helps your construction project to be successful.

While fasteners might seem like an insignificant component in the entire infrastructure, the durability and efficient performance of these behemoth structures rest on them. What has supplied increased traction to its role is the fact that fasteners cannot be designed independently and in isolation from the components it will install. These fasteners provide a secure fitting for any application. From installing children’s play equipment to ensuring the safety of bridges, it can be used for a number of purposes. This makes these steel bolts a specialist in industries across sectors. But there’s one enemy that threatens its integrity and strength – corrosion. 

Corrosion is a perennial problem of most fastening systems, but specific high-corrosion environments make the situation even more acute. Engineers and designers can significantly reduce corrosion by deploying fasteners made of the proper materials. In India, numerous environmental factors make buildings susceptible to corrosion. The risk of the occurrence can be significantly reduced by using adequate protection. This also plays an important role when designing screw connections.

Stainless steel has become the standard metal used by companies while producing fasteners.  Its most significant selling point is its corrosion-resistant property. Stainless steel fasteners have a little over 10% chromium in its composition, effectively creating a layer of chromium oxide over the outer surface. This prevents any corrosion or degradation. Furthermore, stainless steel allows fasteners to self-repair. If any damage exposes the bare alloy, oxidation causes another layer of chromium oxide to form and protect it from further corrosion. Besides excellent durability, it can be used in extreme temperature as well as underwater.

An absolute essential

Modern construction techniques are reaching new technological heights, having moved away from a simple design approach to embracing sustainability and seamlessness. Now, each construction project must do better than the previous one. The goal is to have a building design process that creates a single entity that encompasses all the available elements. Stainless fasteners can accelerate this development, providing not only safety against corrosion but infuse durability and efficient performance to the structure.

In today’s market, where the focus is on quality structural components, EJOT is uniquely placed to provide a specialist high-performance fastener system. As an industry-leading name in fastening technology, EJOT works closely with suppliers and manufacturers to offer a range of system-specific fasteners. Essentially, we are utilising cross-sector expertise to effectively cater to the new challenges faced by the construction industry. 
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​​​​​​​​In conclusion

For the building industry, holding everything together would be an impossible feat without fasteners.

But when fasteners are made from an inferior quality, it can weaken the structure, such as big roofs and facades, and putting everyone who uses it at risk. Broken or rusted fasteners can become life-threatening if the structure falls apart. With more infrastructure projects being undertaken by governments and private players across the world, it is essential to ensure that the quality is not compromised. That’s why stainless-steel fasteners are so crucial in today’s construction sector. Besides providing longevity to building projects, it can also prevent the loss of life. Using stainless steel in bolts and nuts will avert catastrophes that can have deadly consequences.
If the building has to last for years while being safe from corrosion, stainless fasteners are the way forward. Whether it be industrial or commercial roofing, walls and facades, EJOT is an expert in fastening systems. Offering a wide range of fasteners for challenging applications, EJOT will help you choose the right material while keeping the environment in mind.
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