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EJOT-Octaqon Fastening Systems Pvt Ltd are the Indian JV subsidiary of the German EJOT Group of Companies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of fastening technology, boasting a total of more than 3700 employees worldwide in 38 subsidiaries. 
EJOT’s customer base comes primarily from the automotive and supplier industries, consumer electronics and white goods industries as well as the construction market. 
Following the move into new premises at our new location in IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana in January 2019, EJOT-Octaqon Fastening Systems Pvt Ltd have now started the manufacture of EJOT’s worldwide acclaimed high-quality self-drilling screws to satisfy the ever-increasing timely demands of India’s construction markets.  
Technical excellence combined with innovative designs, materials of the highest standards and meticulous attention to detail are seen as defining manufacturing characteristics of the EJOT brand that have also been adopted by our team here in India.
EJOT-Octaqon Fastening Systems Pvt Ltd are working closely with OEMs, system manufacturers and suppliers in the SAARC region, following EJOT Group’s widespread international approval from suppliers, engineers, buyers and installers.
The ever-increasing demand for intelligent and innovative fastening solutions means reassurance of performance from ‘pre’ and ‘post’ sales support, technical back-up from performance data and specific application testing (in laboratory and on site) – EJOT-Octaqon Fastening Systems Pvt Ltd will provide this all-important Total Service Package now for customers here in India. 

When non-essentials become essential 

Is there a more essential building component than fasteners?

In the construction industry, a fastener is what holds everything together. That is to say, a self-drilling fastener, as used in metal roofing or cladding applications for example, cannot be designed in isolation from the components it will help to install. Therefore, choosing the right ones for different applications can become slightly confusing, especially for large scale projects which require thousands of fasteners.

At EJOT, we make sure to provide the right solution for each application. The understanding of ‘system composition in relation to its environment’ ensures that specifiers, installers and contractors in general are being offered a ‘full solution’ by us.

Small but significant

In the fastener market, it is equally important to understand the complex characteristics of the complete metal system spectrum. It is equally important to understand characteristics like complex thread geometry, base material and extensive range of coatings used, with knowledge of required clamping thickness.

​​​​​​​An unrivalled connection 

Lightweight, flexible and sleek - the aluminium standing seam roofing systems have received accolades from building designers worldwide. These systems, that were first introduced in the late 1970s have been recognized as practical, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Over the decades, these systems have met developer requirements and have even evolved to help architects achieve new horizons.

EJOT’s ability to create high-quality fastening solutions such as metal roofing fasteners has significantly contributed to the popularity and adoption of aluminium standing seam roofing systems, especially in the SAARC region. In short, it has brought aspiration and achievement together. A true Quality Connection.

Rising to the call, EJOT-Octaqon is well placed to provide first-class fastening solutions to both system manufacturers and installers alike.

​​​​​​​A match made in heaven 

At the heart of the architectural standing seam connection is the EJOT bi-metallic ‘JT3’ Super-SAPHIR® fastener, engineered from A2, 304 Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel. Its welded carbon drill bit is acknowledged for its strength, reduced drill time and reliability which was developed to meet the specific challenges created through the emergence of aluminium standing seam halter systems. Specifiers and contractors know that the chances of installation errors are virtually eliminated, and the fastener is endorsed by a warranty of up to 25 years.

Can’t decide on what fasteners fit best for your project? EJOT-Octaqon is here to help you identify the right fastener that suits your project requirements.

So you need to decide how essential is non-essential.
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Dirk Homrighausen
CEO, EJOT-Octaqon
​​​​​​​Fastening Systems Pvt Ltd.