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When non-essentials become essential, the importance of seemingly small components like fasteners becomes undeniable. In the construction industry, fasteners serve as the linchpin holding everything together. 
Take, for instance, the self-drilling fasteners used in metal roofing or cladding applications; they're not standalone entities but rather integral parts of the structures they secure. 
This makes choosing the right fasteners, especially for large-scale projects requiring thousands of them, a critical decision.
At EJOT, we understand this importance and ensure to provide tailored solutions for every application. Our approach revolves around comprehending the system's composition in relation to its environment, guaranteeing that specifiers, installers, and contractors receive a complete solution from us.
Delving into the fastener market, it's crucial to grasp the intricate characteristics of the entire metal system spectrum. This includes understanding factors like complex thread geometry, base material, various coatings, and the required clamping thickness.
EJOT's contribution to the construction industry goes beyond mere functionality. Our high-quality fastening solutions, such as metal roofing fasteners, have significantly propelled the popularity and adoption of aluminum standing seam roofing systems, especially in the SAARC region. This integration of aspiration and achievement showcases the true essence of a quality connection.
EJOT offers a comprehensive product portfolio to meet various requirements for anchoring systems, spanning light to medium-duty and heavy-duty fixings. Different building materials necessitate customized fastening solutions tailored to the specific substrate. When selecting the optimal fastening solution, consider factors such as the building material, the method of installation, and the substrate type.
By choosing EJOT anchors, you’re on the safe side, as these products come with individual ETA approvals. Our expert team is always ready to assist you in selecting the right anchoring system to match your specific needs.
In the field of anchoring technology, EJOT provides specialized solutions for embedding and connecting components in solid substrates. We offer mechanical anchors for both non-cracked and cracked concrete, as well as chemical anchors that expand without generating pressure, ideal for heavy-duty fastening in concrete and masonry.
EJOT facade anchors consist of plastic plugs designed for multiple structural fastenings or embedment of non-supporting systems, following ETAG 020 guidelines. These anchors are suitable for all common substrates and are characterized by their specifically developed expansion zones.
Our flagship product, the EJOT bi-metallic 'JT3' Super-SAPHIR® fastener, epitomizes innovation and reliability. Crafted from A2, 304 Grade Austenitic Stainless Steel, and featuring a welded carbon drill bit, it addresses the specific challenges posed by aluminum standing seam halter systems.With virtually eliminated installation errors and a warranty of up to 25 years, specifiers, and contractors trust in its performance.
In essence, when deliberating on what seems non-essential, it's crucial to recognize that these seemingly minor components can make or break a project. At EJOT-Octaqon, we're dedicated to assisting you in identifying the right fastener for your project's specific requirements, ensuring that even the smallest detail contributes to its success.
Ajay Raina
CEO, EJOT-Octaqon
Fastening Systems Pvt Ltd.