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EJOT is a medium sized group of companies specialising in advanced fastening technology. The EJOT customers are primarily from the automotive and supplier industries, electrical engineering, electronics and construction.

EJOT offers a broad range of innovative fastening elements, such as self-tapping screws for metal and plastics, engineered plastic and metal formed parts as well as a complete range of fasteners for roofing and cladding and our ejotherm® programme for fixing External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems. 

EJOT develops solutions for all joining and fastening problems in close cooperation with the customer. The goal is to use "intelligent" EJOT products to secure the quality of the joint and at the same time decrease the overall costs.


GFA Global Fastener Alliance

The GFA Global Fastener Alliance was founded in 1998 as a global network of independent suppliers of engineered, high quality fasteners. 
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EJOT - that's more than 4,000 employees in 51 locations with more than one hundred years of company history.
In Europe, our numerous sales companies and offices guarantee direct customer contact and fast availability of our products. EJOT services and products are also available worldwide. We have production sites and sales offices in North and South America and in Asia. Global availability is also guaranteed by membership in the Global Fastener Alliance (GFA), a joint venture of family-owned businesses working in fastening technology. Last, but not least, some EJOT product solutions are available to an international circle of licensees. They ensure, for example, the supply of the DELTA PT® screw to the vast world market, wherever we are not directly on site.

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